NECO 2014/2015 Physics Objective & Essay Questions And Answers

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NECO 2014/2015 Physics Objective & Essay Questions And Answers
    1 [A] Acceleration, density and power
    2 [D] 240N
    3 [C] 624.0m
    4 [D] 90.0m
    5 [E]
    6 [E]
    7 [A] 0.14kg
    8 [E] I,II and III
    9 [D] thrown spear
    10 [E] the sum of its K.E and P.E is constant
    11 [E] turning a dynamo with a moving bicycle wheel
    12 [D]The velocity ratio of a plane inclined at an angle 0 to the vertical is always cosec(90-0)
    13 [A] Coal and water waves
    14 [B] 10.0m/s
    15 [D] 600.342
    16 [D] has low expansivity
    17 [A] 18 [B] 3.51KJ
    19 [C] 386cm3
    20 [D] lightening conductor
    21 [E] sound and water
    22 [E] refraction
    23 [C] III only
    24 [C] 63percent
    25 [E] X-rays
    26 [C] III
    27 [B] cillary muscles
    28 [D] 31.62m/s
    29 [A] both have the same lenght
    30 [A] 203m
    31 [A] capacitor
    32 [A] -Mm/r
    33 [B] 3.5
    34 [A] Cu(SO4)2 and copper
    35 [A]
    36 [C]
    37 [C] moving coil galvanometer
    38 [B] electromagnetic induction
    39 [B]
    40 [D] 1,0,1,
    41 [C] platinium
    42 [D] surface tension in the water
    43 [B] has an adhesive force that is greater than its cohesive force
    44 [C] 1, 0, -1
    45 [E] stability of an atom
    46 [D] requires the bombardment of radioactive particles
    47 [A] alpha particle
    48 [C] discreet
    49 [B] copper anode’ cooling fins
    50 [D] Refraction and photoelectric effect
    51 [C] thermal insulator
    52 [C] condenser and the projector lens.
    53 [C] magnified, real and inverted
    54 [B] has low internal resistance
    55 [D] its split ring commutator is replaced with a slip ring
    56 [D] minimizes energy losses
    57 [D] puncher
    58 [D] niger state
    59 [C] Environmental management
    60 [E] Weather forecasting


    1-10. ADCDEEAEDE
    11-20 EDABDDABCD
    21-30 EECCECBDAA
    31-40 AABAACCBBD
    41-50 CDBCEDACBD
    51-60 CCCBDDDDCE

    1a) A Satellite is an artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or another planet in order to collect information
    or for communication.

    1b) Cosmic
    (ii) Magnetic field

    1c) The artificial satellite is first launched to space which produces visual signals to Tv stations and it’s further transmitted or relayed to individual house and hence, the 2014 Brazil world cup be viewed.

    2b ) D = √(x2 – x1)^2 + (y2 – y1)^2
    = √(-3-5)^2 + (-4-(-2))^2.
    = √64+36
    = 10unit 3a) Yes fractional force depend on the nature of the surface

    3b) Walking without fractional force
    depending on the nature of the
    surface, there would be slipping and skidding

    4a) The work done is the area of the
    * Area of rectangle = L x B
    Work done
    (I) 2F^1 x d^1 = 2F^1d^1 ( ^
    means raise to power) Work done
    (ii) F^1 x d^1 = F^1d^1
    Difference in work done = 2F^1d^1 – F^1d^1
    = F^1d^1Nm

    4ii) Work done is defined as the minimum
    energy required for electrons to be liberated from the surface of a metal
    when light is incident onit

    b) E= hf but C= F/|, F = C//| , E= hc//| E= 5.5 x 10^-9J, /|= 6.6×10^-34 x
    3×10^8/5.5 x 10^-9
    /|=3.6×10^-17 {where J is joule, /| is
    lander }

    5a) 85 – x/ 50 – x = 100 – 0/40 – 0
    4(85 – x) = 500 – 10x -4x + 10x = 500 – 340
    6x = 160
    X= 26.67oc 6) V = 3x10m/s
    From the diagram, T=12s(time taken to
    complete one cycle)

    6aii) V=F/|, F=1//| , /|= VT { where /| is
    lander }
    /|=3×10^3 x 12 = 3.6×10^4m

    6aiii) F=1/t = 1/12= 0.083Hz

    8a) E=2.0v, r=1ohm, R=?, V=1.92v
    From E= I(R+r) also, V=IR, I=V/R
    E= V/R(R+r)
    2R= 1.92R + 1.92
    2R – 1.92R = 1.92
    0.08R = 1.92 R = 1.92/0.08 =24ohms

    9a.) The basic unit of measure of electricity is known as the Watt.
    One thousand Watts are called a kilowatt. OR .the unit is kilowatt per
    hour (kwh)/ def
    1kwh is the energy consumed by power
    consumption of 1kilowatt during 1hour.

    (9b)Two Advantages At high voltages
    (i)to ruduce the energy loss in long-distance transmission,
    (ii)also for greater efficiency during long
    distance transmissiön.

    two Advantages at Low Current
    (i)to accomodate the use of low using electrical appliances,
    (ii) to promote even distribution of current.

    10a) Natural radioactivity is the spontaneous distingration of the nucleus of an atom during which alpha particle or beta particle,or gamma rays or a combination of any or all the three and heat (or energy) are released.
    While Artificial Radioactivity this is an ordinary material,not normally radioactivr is made radioactive by bombarbing
    it with radioactive particles.

    10b) Two Uses Of Radioisotopes.
    i Radioisotopes are used in medicine as radiotherapy.
    ii. Radioisotopes are used in industry to study defects in metals and welded joints.
    iii. Radioisotopes are used in geological
    research for radio-dating

    11a) Work function is defined as the minimum energy required for electrons to be liberated from the surface of a metal when light is incident on it

    11b) E= hf but C= f/| , f=C / /| E= hc / /| , E= 5.5 x 10^-9 J
    /| = 6.6×10^-34 x 3×10^8 / 5.5 x 10^-9
    = 3.6 x 10^-17m

    13a )A vacuum flask, or thermos, does not
    allow heat transfer by any of the three ways that heat can travel. The silver coating on the inner bottle prevents heat transfer by radiation, and the vacuum between its double wall prevents heat moving by convection. The thinness of the glass walls stops heat entering or leaving the flask by conduction.
    The case surrounding the flask provides additional insulation.

    13aii) Cork
    13b) Inclined plane
    (ii) Wheel and axel
    13bii) m=6000kg , h=0.25m , L=0.75m
    EFF=85% (I) * V.R of a screw jack = distance move by effort/load
    30 x 2 x 3.142 x 0.75/0.25

    (ii) * M.A = Eff x VR/100 = 85 x 565.2/100
    M.A = 480.42 = L/E
    Effort= L/480.42 = mg/480.42 = 6000 x
    E= 124.9N

    14a) Convex mirror or Converging mirror
    * It produce an erect image and has a wide
    range of view

    14b) A piano have strings of different lenght so that it can produce
    different of sound

    14bii) F = k/L …. Where F is frequency, L is

    14c)*choose two
    – Temperature
    - Humidity
    - frequency of sound in air
    - wavelength of sound in air

    14cii) fo = 220Hz (open pipe)
    Ist overtone freq of open pipe = Ist overtone
    freq of closed
    2fo cp = 3fo cp
    2 x 220/3 = 146.67HZ ( fo cp) For Closed pipe
    V = 4fl , l=V/4f
    330/4×146.67 = 0.56m
    For Opened pipe
    V = 2fl , l = V/2f
    330/2×220 = 0.75m

    17ai) 1.The absorber is usually a sheet of
    metal with tubes or ducts either integral or
    attached. Its surface is painted or coated to
    maximize radiant energy absorption and in some cases to minimize radiant emission.

    2.The insulated box, provides structure and
    sealing and reduces heat loss from the back or sides of the collector.

    17aii)Flat Plate Solar Collector is the key part of the flat plate solar water heater. It consists of absorber, cover glass, insulation, and shell. The metal absorbing plate with coating is welded on the red
    copper pipe. The cold water or the medium liquid is heated when running through the pipe. The transparent cover glass allows visible light to pass through and blocks the the far infrared. It means the sunlight can pass the cover glass and reaches the absorber to produce heat, but the far infrared resulted from the
    radiation of heated absorber is blocked and
    kept inside. In this way, the heat loss is reduced. And the heat- absorbing efficiency and the temperature of the absorber can be increased. There are
    usually three kinds of coatings: black
    selective coating, black chrome coating and blue tinox titanium coating. In areas with winter temperature above 0 ℃, system of direct-heating of cold
    water is applicable, but in areas with winterg temperature below 0 ℃,
    the user could input medium liquid in the
    system to heat cold water indirectly as an alternative.
    * Material:
    A) Cover glass:transparent toughened glass
    B) Absorber core:copper and aluminum
    complex or all copper
    C) Pipe: red copper
    D) Shell/bracket: aluminum alloy / galvanized steel
    17b).One of the main differences between a telescope and a microscope is that A telescope is used to view things that are far whereas a microscope is used to view things that are very near.

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