Verified Neco GCE 2018 English Language Obj & Theory Answers

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Verified Neco GCE 2018 English Language Obj & Theory Answers


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    English OBJ:

    Test of Orals

    *QUESTION FIVE* *_(Comprehension)_*

    (a) Miss Chima's interest at the meeting was to know the plans that has been made concerning the volleyball and netball court.






    (g) She encouraged them by letting them know the benefits they'll derive if they work hard and get promoted to the next class which she'll be in.

    -i- outlined = summarized
    -ii- reorganization = restructuring, rearrangement, resorting
    -iii- appreciate = understand
    -iv- marvelous = wonderful
    -v- decidedly = definitely, clearly
    -vi- cheered = encouraged

    The plethora of cases emanating from the 2015 Elections demands for total electronic voting system as the only panacea for credible, free and fair election in Nigeria. The election of 1993 that gave rise to the JUNE 12 debacle though adjudged credible and fair still had some concerns, which gave room for the obnoxious annulment that moved our dear country backward. The Semi electronic voting system deployed in the 2015
    election had brought to the fore the need for total Electronic system. From 2007 when Electronic registration was introduce till the last election, one thing is certain, that electronic data base cannot function well with a manual voting system The introduction of the card reader could not prevent controversy not with the mess from operating the
    equipment properly and result resolution. But one thing became clear, and that is, that some level of control was introduced which led to the level of credibility ascribed to the 2015 process. Electronic voting will to a certain level limit the involvement of person from accreditation to result release. The electronic system we require would be self activated and operated via an INEC server based database, whereby both registration and any other process involved in the electoral process does not require a second person to deploy; depending on the ability or knowledge of the electorate. I know some people would want to latch into the old argument of the literacy level of Nigerians. The deployment of GSM succeeded despite that and today even the old women in my village have phones they use in contacting their children anywhere in the world. The percentage of Nigerians in this cadre is small and could be catered for with special arrangement. In this computer age what you do not have as regards
    software that could assist you in getting things done is
    what you have not conceived. Getting a software developer
    to develop software that could assist our dear country to deploy a fool proof electoral system is not hard to come by. I believe in my country and we need to challenge ourselves and not rely on what obtains elsewhere. The peculiar creatures called Nigerians cannot be found anywhere in the world and I believe that Nigerians can solve the Nigerian problem if adequately motivated and challenged.

    (i) It is used in producing concentrated syrup solutions
    (ii) It functions as preservative in food when in high concentration
    (iii) It is affordable
    (iv) It is one of the major ingredients used in food industries

    (i) It produces an acid which causes tooth decay
    (ii) It has no dietary value

    (i) It is used in producing concentrated syrup solutions
    (ii) It functions as preservative in food when in high concentration
    (iii) It is affordable
    (iv) It is one of the major ingredients used in food industries

    Miss china's interest was the volley ball and net ball court
    The head teacher responded immediately because the question was part of the matter to be discussed in the meeting
    There is only one volleyball court because it is only the bigger boys and girls that can play the game
    The colour of the wining house for each term
    (i)Adverbial clause
    (ii)It modifies the verb "asked"
    He is the coach for the wandered football club
    She courage them to work hard and get promoted to the next class
    (i)outlined - summarized
    (ii)reorganization- restructuring
    (iii)appreciate - understand
    (iv)marvelous - wonderful
    (v)decidedly - definitely
    (vi)cheered - encouraged

    224 Oke-Ola Kate,
    New Airport Area,
    Oyo State .
    24th of November, 2018.

    Dear Ibrahim,
    How are you and your family doing? I hope all is well. My regards to your Mum, Dad and siblings.

    I am very happy to write to you. Today us one of the greatest days I have ever had in life, I was opportune to embarked on a field trip which was organized by my school. I was taken to so many places I wished to go some years back.

    I am writing this letter to you purposely to give you brief report of my time spent on the trip, some places visited and what I have learnt from the trip.

    Firstly, I will like to inform you that we visited so may places but out of which I will tell you three significant places out of them. I was opportune to visited the Osi Mountain which I climb and see the clear view of all the town, there are a lot attached to this mountain according to history which we have to discuss when we see, also I visited the so called Osi Stream which is just a small hole which brings water and according to the people of the town is has never for once dry no matter the climatic condition. Lastly the Dam which is very big and full of water.

    The people of Osi are very wonderful, they made these days great days for me because I was thought little things on how to speak their language. Ibrahim be incarcerate is bad.

    I also find the value in getting lost. Do you know? Getting lost in the town you do not know and you start wonder around. Though the train driver took me back to my starting point where my mates were. As I was taking back to where our hopping point i discovered so many great things which i have never done before. I found pleasure in going on trip though I wish you were there. It would have been more better than that.

    This is where I will be dropping my pen. Hopping to see you soon, we have a lot to discuss about my nigga.

    Yours Faithful

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