Verified Waec GCE 2018 Biology Obj & Theory Answers

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Verified Waec GCE 2018 Biology Obj & Theory Answers



    21-30 DBDCCCBAAA
    31-40 CCAACBABBC
    41-50 CBCBBBBDAB

    Skeleton of mammal: this consists of a head at one end of a vertebral column from which extend ribs to support the working organs and four limbs for locomotion. The vertebral column ends in a tail.

    i)Exoskeleton eg..
    ii)endoskeleton eg. Mammals
    iii)Hydrostatic skeleton eg. Soft body animals

    i)Support:- The rigid framework of the skeleton gives support to the body
    ii)Protection:- The skeleton protects important and delicate organs of the body
    iii)Respiration:- The skeleton also aids in respiration

    Vitamins are group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

    Vitamin: C
    One Function: Healing of wounds
    One Deficiency: Scurvy
    One Source: Citrus Fruits

    Vitamin: D
    One Function: Strong bones and teeth
    One Deficiency: Rickets
    One Source: Eggs

    Vitamin: B
    One Function: Releases energy from cabohydraes
    One Deficiency: Beri-beri
    One Source: Yeast

    Vitamin: K
    One Function: Clotting of blood
    One Deficiency: Failure of blood to clot
    One Source: Milk

    (i) Iron: Assists in nitrate and sulfate reduction and energy production within the plant

    (ii) Nitrogen: For rapid growth

    (iii) Calcium: It is responsible for holding together the cell walls of plants

    Mango trees -> Caterpillars -> chicks of domestic fowls -> Hawks

    (3aii) Draw the diagram

    (3bi) Water:
    -Serves as a habitat for organisms.
    -Serves as a source of water for irrigation.
    -Serves as a source of hydroelectric power.

    (ii) Soil:
    -It ensures continuous sources of plant nutrients.
    -It ensures sources of water/reservoir for soil organisms.
    -It ensures sources of raw materials for some industries.

    (iii) Forest:
    -It ensures the conservation of trees or forest product.
    -It helps to check erosion.
    -It helps in the preservation of natural spaces.

    i)flexible dujardin
    ii)robert hooke
    iii)mathiahs von virckow
    classes of plant bases of life cycle and example
    i)annual - maize, rice
    ii)biennial - carrot, ginger
    iii)perenial - banana, cocoa
    The amniotic fluid help on neutralize the effect of changes external temperature
    i)Rhizobium- fixes atmospheric nitrogen directly into the plant
    ii)Azotobacter- fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the soil either aerobically anaerobically
    iii)Blue Green- improve soil fertilizer
    6e) Diagram

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