Waec May/June 2022 Physics Practical Answers

Waec May/June 2022 Physics Practical Answers
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    For those of you that won't listen to your teachers once you see Expos (Answers) flying around. Bewarned, this is practical if you fail this practical automatically you have C, and if it happens that you didn't perform very well in your Essay and Objectives that's E8 or F9.
    To avoid this, call your Physics teacher to attention ask him/her that what's the School Value before you start writing anything... because you're to plot a graph and if it's not corresponding with your Table Value it's ZERO.

    We wish y'all well... don't rush calculate it well and plot your graph neatly.
    To avoid failure

    NOTE THAT: For question 1
    Use your school's Mo = ???
    Use your school's m = ???
    Use your school's d = AG = ???

    S/N: 1|| 2|| 3|| 4|| 5||

    M(g): 20.00|| 40.00|| 60.00|| 80.00|| 100.00||

    Z(cm): 40.00|| 35.00|| 30.00|| 25.00|| 20.00||

    y(cm): 35.00|| 30.00|| 25.00|| 20.00|| 15.00||

    x(cm): 10.00|| 15.00|| 20.00|| 25.00|| 30.00||

    V: 0.2857|| 0.5000|| 0.8000|| 1.2500|| 1.2500|| 2.0000||

    (i) I avoided parallax error when taking readings from the meter rule
    (ii) I avoided drought by switching off the electric fans

    An object is said to be in a stable equilibrium a slight displacement, the object tends to return back to its original position.

    -I ensured that all apparatus are in straight line
    -I avoided error due to parallax when reading the metre rule
    -I avoided zero error on the metre rule

    The characteristics of image formed are:
    -It is virtual
    -It is enlarged and magnified ie twice or two times as big as the object m=2

    Using 1/v+1/u=1/f
    1/v =1/15-1/10
    1/v =(2-3)/30

    The concave mirror mounted in its holder is moved to and fro in front of the screen until a sharp image of the cross wire of the ray box is formed on the screen adjacent of the object.The distance between the mirror and the screen was measured as 30cm since the radius of curvature r=2fo then half is distance

    The characteristics of imaged formed are :
    i)It is virtual
    ii) It is enlarged or magnified i.e. twice or two times bigger as the object(m=2)

    NUMBER 3

    NUMBER 3
    (i)I will avoid Parallax error was avoided on ammeter
    (ii)I will ensure Key opened when reading was not being taken
    (iii)I will avoid sliding of jockey on the potentiometer wire.

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