Waec May/June 2022 Animal Husbandry Practical & Fisheries Practical Answers

Waec May/June 2022 Animal Husbandry Practical & Fisheries Practical Answers




    A - Centrosema Pubescenta
    B - Panicum maximum

    (i) It increases the fertility of the soil
    (ii) It gives farm animals a balanced ration
    (iii) It serves as cover crops
    (iv) It reduces cost of feeding

    (i) Fencing
    (ii) Fertilizer application
    (iii) Burning
    (iv) Weeding

    (i) Sweet clover
    (ii) White clover

    (i) Fresh form - Silage
    (ii) Dried form - Hay
    (iii) Fermented form - Supplement

    (i) It is used to replace butter fat in milk replacers for feeding young animals
    (ii) Vitamin

    (i) Protein
    (ii) Keratin
    (i) Garden tools
    (ii) Combs
    (i) Feather fans
    (ii) Flowers

    (i) It causes oedema
    (ii) It causes ascites

    (i) Sorghum
    (ii) Millet
    (iii) Wheat
    (iv) Rice grain
    (v) Barley

    G - Mineral
    H - Carbohydrate
    J - Vitamin

    (i) It supply them with mineral
    (ii) It keeps livestock healthy

    (i) It causes oedema
    (ii) It causes ascites

    (i) Sorghum
    (ii) Pearl millet
    (iii) Barley
    (iv) Wheat
    (v) Rice grain

    (i) It causes contamination
    (ii) It reduces in quality
    (iii) Aflatoxin content of it increases

    (i) Free drinking water
    (ii) Water contained in food
    (iii) Metabolic water produced by oxidation of organic nutrients
    (iv) Irrigation

    (i) Waste elimination
    (ii) It plays an essential role in every aspect of metabolism
    (iii) Food digestion
    (iv) It is critical to the regulation of the birds body temperature

    (i)Use of cage
    (ii) Use of muzzles
    (iii)Use of extension poles
    (iv)Use of halters

    (ii)To prevent movement of livestocks
    (iii) Washing of their body


    ========= FISHERIES PRACTICAL SECTION ============

    It is used for packaging fish products

    (i) Basket
    (ii) Leaves
    (iii) Foil
    (iv) Sack
    (v) Carton

    (i) It is portable
    (ii) It is biodegradable
    (iii) It can be branded
    (iv) It is inexpensive
    (v) It is presentable
    (vi) Not likely to cause injury

    (i) Not reusable
    (ii) Easily damaged
    (iii) Not readily available

    It is mostly grounded to make meal or pellets.

    Source of carbohydrate for fish feed production

    (i) SPECIMEN B;

    Soybeans meal
    Rice polish
    Wheat bran
    (ii) SPECIMEN C;

    Insect meal
    Corn gluten

    (i)To avoid injury/cut
    (ii) To prevent transfer of germs to fish

    (i) Has
    (ii) Electricity
    (iii) Wood/Firewood
    (iv) coconut chaff

    (i) Salt
    (ii) Bowl
    (iii) Sieves
    (iv) Smoking drum
    (v) Wood shavings matches

    (i) They helps in the circulation of water in the fish ponds.
    (ii) They create a lively atmosphere by maintaining the oxygen levels in the pond

    (i) Inlet tap
    (ii) Outlet tap

    It is used for agriculture purposes. It is a rotary machine in which an impeller rotates inside a casing, draws in the liquid at its center, and throws out the liquid through an opening at the side of the casing due to centrifugal force.

    (i) Temperature
    (ii) Dissolved oxygen
    (iii) PH
    (iv) Conductivity
    (v) Turbidity

    To obtain a measurement, the disk is lowered into the water while observing the depth at which it disappears. It is lowered some more and then raised while observing the depth at which it reappears. The Secchi disk measurement is the average of the two observations. Secchi disks can also be used to monitor the degree of suspended clay particles in your pond.


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